Staying Productive Using Pants

OK, so for the past few weeks I've been reading sites like and They deal with productivity and avoiding procrastination. Unfortunately I've discovered that reading them every day ends up causing just about as much procrastination as you avoid by picking up their tips.

While thinking about this problem I figured out a solution: put on some pants. Yes this simple adjustment of ones wardrobe can cause a substantial increase in your productivity. It stems from the fact that if you get up and laze about in your boxers, undies, P.J.s, what have you, your not going to get as much done as if you just put on some pants and get productive.

Just take it from me I was reading blogs and, "planing my day," for the the past two hours then I put on some pants. Since then I've done two loads of laundry, collected another that I'm going to throw into the wash in a minute and written up this entry. Pants is where it's at.

Possibly tomorrow I will try pants and a coffee.
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