One software designers attempt to grow up.

By Alexander Somma
This summer I`m going to work in B.C. doing ether tree planting or fruit picking. Both jobs pay suprisingly well and will alow me to be out in BC.

By Alexander Somma
I just got back form Melisa's birtday party. Unfortionatly I forgot my camera at home. I was unable to take any pitctures. So I'll just have to upload some drawings of the night instead.

By Alexander Somma
My Thursdays are just amazing. Today I volunteered at the Peoples Potato, went to the CAA and also enjoyed an art show at Dawson.

If you want to see my pictures from thursday you'll have to install Freenet.

By Alexander Somma
I just hai a conversation with one of my classmates that dealt with the war in Iraq and how it

Alex: Hello

Sometimes you just clap: hey

Alex: Did you see pics of thu Bush doll that was hanged?

Sometimes you just clap: yes. I dont know whether to laugh or to feel sorry for the ppl who did it...

Sometimes you just clap: I don't like Bush, and I really dont believe in war. But if he doesnt stop Saddam, who will?

Sometimes you just clap: I mean, we can bitch the American, and heckle them at hockey games, but those soldiers in Iraq, who are to young to buy beer but old enough to kill are putting there asses on the line for OUR freedom.

Alex: By having a war now we are only making things worse

Alex: What do you mean by OUR freedom?

Sometimes you just clap: OUR as in everyone to whom Iraq may pause a threat.

Alex: In what way do you see IRAQ as posing a threat?
Sometimes you just clap: if they have weapons of mass destruction that they refuse to declare and disarm then they are in a threatening position.

Sometimes you just clap: If I went out for my daily walk with a shotgun, the cops would tell me to drop it. If I failed to then I would be arrested or shot at. Was I going to shoot anyone with my gun? Maybe not, but I was still a threat to other ppl's safety and freedom, therefore I was commiting a criminal act.

Alex: In what way can thay hurt us? Their soposed wepons of mass destruction where being destroyed while the UN was doing its job. On top of that no other wepons have been found.

Alex: How is Sadam difrent then any other tirant?
Sometimes you just clap: alright. Well, Saddam was fucking killing his own people. That is reason enough to put a stop to his power.

Alex: So are meany other Dictators. What posible reasons would America have other than that for going into IRAQ?

Sometimes you just clap: If Saddam was unwilling to cooperate with the UN, then he has to be hidding something. People like hi should not be left in Power. I'm sure the US has more reasons to to war. But This one makes the most sense to me.

Sometimes you just clap: I don't totally agree with this war.

Sometimes you just clap: But I certainly have respect for all those soldiers who are putting themselves in danger for us.

Alex: Going back to criminal acts are you aware of the fact that a war is illigal if it is not suported by the security council.

Alex: But you do have to respect for all those soldiers who are putting themselves in danger

Sometimes you just clap: I do know that it is illigal. I attended a conference yesterday.

Sometimes you just clap: I can't remember then name of the speaker. But I understood his points. It is illegal.


By Alexander Somma
Yesterday just as I got out of resistance training I saw a pair of masked people throw a dubmy of George W. Bush over tho bancony of Dawson College's atrium. They then procided to chain the dumby in place, lock it and then get a cheer out of most of the people that where standing around. Almost every one thought that it was an amusing signe of defiance, not even security seamed to be that bothered by the incident.

By Alexander Somma
Well the palm fix worked perfectly. So any one who has problems with their usb enabled palm remeber:
acept that you won't be able to sync your system with out lossing you curent memory,
Do a hard reset (press the reset buton on the back of your palm and hold down power at the same time for a few seconds)
When asked to whip memory press up for yes.
go to the memo pad make the shortcut stroke(a cusive l) and the write .1 your palm will frees and as long as you backlight is on should drain its bateries within the next 24 hours.
After that charge it up and it will work again.

By Alexander Somma
While dealing with a Palm Tungsten I ran into a realy anoung problem. While the palm is compleaty working as a hand held. The Tungsten won't sync. After doing minimal research I found a page that deals with fixing palm usb problems. The process outlined in the page is in progress at the moment. So' we'll see how that goes in the morning.

In the meantime I'm going to read up on the palm ogg players.

Music on Your Palm by Richard Niolon, Ph.D.

Improve palm audio quality

By Alexander Somma
I was looking at my brothers site. It looks like he hasn't been updaiting it latly but that's realy usderstasdable since he's rather bizzy with school and studing art. I recently got him interested in working on a number of posible web design projects. I wish that he would upload some of his because it's steller. He really will be able to go some where in life witht his artistic abilties.

If you dont allreaiy have it installed get Freenet and then go'n check out Thought Crime it's a repository for things that some people don't want read.

By Alexander Somma
On the subject of thumbnails, on most freenet sites images are just scaled down to a smaller size. This is becase freenet distributes data through out its nodes based apon popularity. There for picture that are rairly looked at fall by the way side and are rather hard to obtain. People that use Freenet normaly don't care that mutch about speed and would rather alow the anonimous network to florish than have pages lode lighting fast.

By Alexander Somma
Izzy is learning how to set up her own web page and how to upload images. I think that tomarow I'll try to teach her about thumbnailing so that people won't have to see such large pics.

By Alexander Somma
I recomond that anf one who browses the web uses a Mozilla based browser. They are leaps and bound beond all the competition. My flavor is Phoenix, it's small and light plus it runs on all the operatin systems I use.

An added bonus of using any of the browsers based on Mozilla is that you won't have to deal with crappy pop ups.

By Alexander Somma
I've just installed Freenet 0.5.1. It is working beter than ever.

By Alexander Somma
The idea that the amarican military has, that it will disrupt the intrenet taking down sites that are agaist it is digusting. The amaricans suposidy belive in free speach but at the same time the do this. Where are they going to go after this?

By Alexander Somma

1) genral ignorance of options   

2) fear of decisions

3) with outr the system of competion people wouldn't participate in the
production of goods and services.

4) unde an anarchist syustem people would feel vunrable be cause there
is no central figur of athority to tun to in a problem

5)People in power at the moment don't want to give up the influence
that they hold.

6)people are willing to discuse ishues to discuise an anarchis system
but not willing to act on them.

7)People are nationalistc and like to keep bariars betwean them, this
leads to the fact that it would

A) All humas can think for them selves

B)the majority of the people would benifit from a sociaty that
distubuted opertunity in equil amounts.

C)A decentralized people that work together would be stronger than any
nation that had a centralized gvern ment because there is no one place
to strike.

D)Having people represent them selves and work in smal groops would
alaw to protect thier rights far more than any elected oficial.

e)when dealing with more mundan decision people wiould decide for them
selves, Delegats

F) People are only lazy in our society becase thier individuality is
stifled when they "work".

G) While spreading a frediration to remain in one location theyu could
forn taz

By Alexander Somma
CIXS isn't brodcasting on peercast. So don't check them out.


By Alexander Somma
Yesterday I went and took pictures of a jewelry oven for my dad. Unfortionatly I was only able to upload them today.
They can be seen at my imagestation site.

By Alexander Somma
While researching for my anarchy class I discovered that Go Pills (or ARMY speed) has been aroud for years.

Guilt Free Pill

By Alexander Somma
I hate opening shrink raped stuff. It's nigh imposible with out a tool.

By Alexander Somma
Must get a better burner...
My burner is panfully slow I'm still burning CDs. At least I get to study.

I'm taking what seams to be an amazing class this semester, Anarchist Theory and Practice. I'm hopeing te mirore all of the class info hear.

By Alexander Somma
Akk I've been burning CDs For the past few hours. My god father is working on a documentry for the CBC and he needs a whole bunch of CDs burned for tomarow. He has to pas them on to some CBC execs.


By Alexander Somma
I'm talking with my friend Bruce. He's the person that introduced me to the Dvorak keybord.

By Alexander Somma
Just a note.

The Quebec rental bord's web site is Régie du logement .

If any one has rental problems it is the sitethat they should check out.

By Alexander Somma
I just found an interesting story about the conection between Heddy Lamarr and the frequency shifting tecnology of blue tooth. For thows who don't know Heddy Lammar was the first acress to preform a nude scien in afeatur film. She also was the girl on the cover of the correl draw box back in the 90s.

By Alexander Somma
People should stop using the antquitated quarty keyboard. It is just unhealthy for our hands. Read The Curse of QWERTY by Jared Diamond, it deals with just how bad the QWERTY bord is.

By Alexander Somma
Yes! I just scord 5 hard drives for 10 bucks. There only older 200 meg drives, but who cares I'll be able to produce 5 werking computers out of them. Just slap them up with a linux distro or bsd and they'll be perfect.

By Alexander Somma
My brother realy wants to do a comic so I'm going to find him a cool story at the archive. That way he wont have to deal with copy write isseus. Probabley we'll work with some thing by Wells .

By Alexander Somma
I'm going to start a comic faturing the enlightened sensay dealing with difrent fighting a whole lot of stuff.

By Alexander Somma
If you're isterested in geting a Dvorak keybord and not having to deal with the hasl of switching between layouts whene some one wants to use your computer check out "The Switchable Dvorak, Qwerty Keyboard".

OvertureSearch the Web.

By Alexander Somma
If you are interested in what can be done with all the old keyboards tha you find in the garbage while trashing check out Model M

By Alexander Somma
I've just read RUBBISH! , an artical that deals with going through personal garbage. It's an interesting read that goes over the power that is gained by some one by routing through some ones trash. People throw away so meany things that point out who they are in private.