I just hai a conversation with one of my classmates that dealt with the war in Iraq and how it

Alex: Hello

Sometimes you just clap: hey

Alex: Did you see pics of thu Bush doll that was hanged?

Sometimes you just clap: yes. I dont know whether to laugh or to feel sorry for the ppl who did it...

Sometimes you just clap: I don't like Bush, and I really dont believe in war. But if he doesnt stop Saddam, who will?

Sometimes you just clap: I mean, we can bitch the American, and heckle them at hockey games, but those soldiers in Iraq, who are to young to buy beer but old enough to kill are putting there asses on the line for OUR freedom.

Alex: By having a war now we are only making things worse

Alex: What do you mean by OUR freedom?

Sometimes you just clap: OUR as in everyone to whom Iraq may pause a threat.

Alex: In what way do you see IRAQ as posing a threat?
Sometimes you just clap: if they have weapons of mass destruction that they refuse to declare and disarm then they are in a threatening position.

Sometimes you just clap: If I went out for my daily walk with a shotgun, the cops would tell me to drop it. If I failed to then I would be arrested or shot at. Was I going to shoot anyone with my gun? Maybe not, but I was still a threat to other ppl's safety and freedom, therefore I was commiting a criminal act.

Alex: In what way can thay hurt us? Their soposed wepons of mass destruction where being destroyed while the UN was doing its job. On top of that no other wepons have been found.

Alex: How is Sadam difrent then any other tirant?
Sometimes you just clap: alright. Well, Saddam was fucking killing his own people. That is reason enough to put a stop to his power.

Alex: So are meany other Dictators. What posible reasons would America have other than that for going into IRAQ?

Sometimes you just clap: If Saddam was unwilling to cooperate with the UN, then he has to be hidding something. People like hi should not be left in Power. I'm sure the US has more reasons to to war. But This one makes the most sense to me.

Sometimes you just clap: I don't totally agree with this war.

Sometimes you just clap: But I certainly have respect for all those soldiers who are putting themselves in danger for us.

Alex: Going back to criminal acts are you aware of the fact that a war is illigal if it is not suported by the security council.

Alex: But you do have to respect for all those soldiers who are putting themselves in danger

Sometimes you just clap: I do know that it is illigal. I attended a conference yesterday.

Sometimes you just clap: I can't remember then name of the speaker. But I understood his points. It is illegal.

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