1) genral ignorance of options   

2) fear of decisions

3) with outr the system of competion people wouldn't participate in the
production of goods and services.

4) unde an anarchist syustem people would feel vunrable be cause there
is no central figur of athority to tun to in a problem

5)People in power at the moment don't want to give up the influence
that they hold.

6)people are willing to discuse ishues to discuise an anarchis system
but not willing to act on them.

7)People are nationalistc and like to keep bariars betwean them, this
leads to the fact that it would

A) All humas can think for them selves

B)the majority of the people would benifit from a sociaty that
distubuted opertunity in equil amounts.

C)A decentralized people that work together would be stronger than any
nation that had a centralized gvern ment because there is no one place
to strike.

D)Having people represent them selves and work in smal groops would
alaw to protect thier rights far more than any elected oficial.

e)when dealing with more mundan decision people wiould decide for them
selves, Delegats

F) People are only lazy in our society becase thier individuality is
stifled when they "work".

G) While spreading a frediration to remain in one location theyu could
forn taz

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