Hello, Hello, Hi Hello!

One of my three best friends, Jacob, just moved to Vancover. He didn't contact me for quite some time. Then by the time he did I didn't know what to say to him. Of course I should replie, at least anwering his questions but I'm emtionaly confused... I'll do it in the morning.

Any way the folowing is the letter that he sent me (I don't think he'll mind if I post it):

J Hopkins to me
Hey Alex! I'm here! (very weird)

Ok, I know you're probably pissed off at how long it took to get back
to you, but i just got the net working on my powerbook. Gmail doesn't
work on my uncle's computer, it's running OS X.2, and it didn't work
on any of the computers in the library at school either and everyone's
address was stored in my gmail account, and it took a long time to
figure out that the silly telus dsl provider requires you to register
every MAC for every computer (tried many variations of settings and
spellings of user name and password before i figured to call them) So,
basically, my hands have been tied until just recently. Oh, Wifi
routers are so cool. I've got a G speed booster Linksys. 100 bucks.

Anyway, I'm doing lots of renovation type crap - insulating and
such... itchy.... This town is very different. The urban planning is a
little odd when compared to Montreal or T-dot or New York. It's all
very wide. The streets are, wide. There are narrow streets, but they
are filled with lawns and houses. Even the big sky rise type things
are residential. It's totally backwards. However, the school is mighty
cool (that's almost poetry....) I haven't actually started yet, but I
walked around it and through parts of it. And perhaps my view will
change once I meet more that 3 people.

I've realised my uncle is more conservative than I had thought.
Apparently, there's some controversy in their church (Anglican), about
gay marriage. He, his wife and their friends are all very much against
it. I've realised it's very hard to deal with peoples differing
fundamental views. I could handle it, but while talking, i had to use
quite a bit of control - more than expected. Anyway, it turned out
ok-ish, I think I managed not to offend anybody, and it was
interesting to see what the other side (I hate separating things into
sides) had to say. I've had a very left-sided upbringing and didn't
realise it's magnitude 'till now. My uncle is quite open to discussing
these types of things, which is nice, and I hope to try again to
understand what he believes and for him to understand where I come
from. There might be hope yet...

Alex, I want to thank you for all the help you've given me. I really
appreciate it, even though I sometimes get a bit snappy when I'm
stressed. You've gone out of your way quite a bit and it makes me feel
very loved. Could you thank Izzy for me as well or even show her this
as well.

Thanks Izzy!

Oh, turn on your damn X-Lite phone!!! I've been trying you but you're
always off line. Also, I can't remember what you said about you're
other phone, some sort of prefix to the number... anyway, tell me what
to do, and I shall.

Say hi to the people I know at New School.

- Your friend, Jacob

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