After Dinner Thoughts

(Best read with The Vince Guaraldi Trio playing "Christmas time is here" in the backgound)

Food calms me down and lets me open up to thinking in non liniar manners. It lets my mind meander around the thoughts that I had been concentraiting on before dinner. Now, I don't know if this is just me or if all human males are affected by eating in this way.

I wonder if people are interested in learning all I about dupster diveing.

The Art of Trashing: Part 1 53cuR1+Y

I started trashing back in the early 90's when I was about 14. I've gone on so meany dives since then that I don't remember where it was I what happened. All that I do remeber is that I got some cool toys for free.

Trashing is really just about cool toys, at that free cool toys. If your the type who always loved spy movies you'll love trashing. Going trashing is like sneakng around a bond vilan's secret head quarters searching for their super weapon, only if you do got stoped by a gard it is doubtfull that you'll end up on a table with a laser about to fry your bathing sute aria.

Any security gard that you do happen apon is most likly going to be your garden variety. He/She is unlikly to realy care mutch about you as long as you can make it seam like you havo an other reason for being there than geting parts for yor computer/s. In general the best exuse is that your a poor student (which you probably are) and that you nead boxes. The only time that this is unlikly to help you is if you have some how goten your self into some sort of R'n'D dupser in this case you're best off dealing with the situation as agent Quiller would.

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